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Internal pipe cleaning problems are quickly solved with the Airblast range of pipe cleaning tools.
These are designed to blast
clean the interior of pipes and tubes removing
millscale, rust, carbon and paint coatings.

For pipes ranging from 1/2" to 63" (13 mm to 1600 mm).

The cleaning action leaves the surface free from dust, abrasives and contaminants ready for the application
of the required
paint coating system. Our range of pipe cleaning tools make cleaning of both new
and existing pipe installations a one man operation with complete 360 degree coverage and
thus doing away
with need to rotate the pipe.

Airblast has developed a semi automatic hoisting system which enables the operator to pull the machine
through the length of the pipe
at the required speed to create the standard
required in the cleaning and painting specification

A comprehensive range of
nozzles and centering devices to suit all combinations of pipe sizes is available.

Abrasives with the grain size of 0.75 mm up to 1.00 mm are ideally suited for the equipment.
The use of
aluminium-oxide and sand will cause excessive wear and are not recommended.

Airblast Semi Automatic Hoisting System
Airblast Jumbo Pipeblaster
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Operation Manual - Circleblast Internal Pipe Cleaner
Operation Manual - Spinnerblast Internal Pipe Cleaner

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