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Inspection equipment

Climatic conditions

DTH-100 Digital Thermometer

MTM-110 Magnetic Thermometer

DPM-120 Dewpoint Meter

WHM-130 Whirling Hygrometer

Surface cleanliness

SSM-200 Soluble salt meter

BTK-220 Bresle Test Kit

BTP230 Bresle Test Patches


TXG300/TXG320 Testex gauge + tape

SRC-340/341 Surface comparators (grit + shot)

SPG-360 Surface Profile Gauge


DFT-400/420 Dry Film Thickness Gauge

DFT-440 Dry Film Thickness Gauge

DFT-441 Dry Film Thickness Gauge

WFT-450/455 Wet Film Thickness Gauge


HAT-500 Hydraulic Adhesion Tester


HOD-600 DC Holiday Detector

PHD-620 Pinhole Detector


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AIE - The Guide breaks down the inspection process into six distinct steps. Each stage in the process of surface treatment is critical in guarding against premature coating failure.

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