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Special Blast Room for Ceramic Beads

Recently the Airblast Group finalized a new project for a special Blast Room. This Blast Room will be used by a manufacturer of stainless steel machines for the food industry in the Netherlands. Because these machines are made out of stainless steel and are used for food processing they have to be blasted with ceramic beads to make the profile as smooth as possible.

Dimensions of the Blast Room are 12 x 6 x 5 meters. Both side are fitted with electric hoist up doors specially made for blasting operations.

As abrasive transport system we advised to use two scraper tracks on both sides. These are provided with stainless steel grates above a scraper track (which are fully coated). Because of the use of ceramic beads we installed a special cartridge filter. All installations are in a closed room.

If the blasters are ready they come in a separate room. This room is provided with an air shower and a grid floor. Here the blasters are blown clean of any dust. A hopper under the grid is connected to the elevator. Through this system, the escaping abrasive automatically enters to the abrasive silo return.

Underneath the blast pots there’s also a grated floor with a hoper to the elevator. If the blast pot(s) needs repair any spilled abrasive will fall in the hopper and is returned to the abrasive silo by the elevator.

Magnets are mounted underneath the abrasive silo in order to absorb any deplete iron particles.
To have optimal lighting in the room LED fixtures are installed.


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