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Middle East Blasting & Metalisation Production Line

A leading Oil & Gas drilling specialist approached Airblast Middle East LLC in Dubai with a common problem – how to improve the working life of the components used in the drilling process…
Airblasts in-house production and research & development company – Sybrandy – having over forty years experience in the technology behind the blasting, metalisation, and painting processes, had of course handled these issues in the past…

An integrated production line was designed beginning with automated blast cabinets, followed by the application of molten metal using a technology called metalisation – after which a plural component paint is applied. This process ensures that the metal surface is prepared to a high level of cleanliness with the correct profile etched into the surface which improves adhesion and ensures that corrosion cannot develop underneath the finished top coat…

The advantages of working with The Airblast Group were clear to our customer – the ability to work with a local Airblast office operating in Dubai for over 25 years, combined with the in-house technical resources and experience of Sybrandy who are located close to the Airblast Head Office in The Netherlands.

Before the Dubai project was even installed the discussion moved onto how to integrate the same technology into the customers other Middle East operations – now that the Dubai system is installed and commissioned the metal parts involved in the drilling process can become even more productive – and the next projects are being designed…


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