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Introducing Airblast Abrasives B.V.

We would like to introduce a new company within the group and a new supplier for abrasives to the international markets. Airblast-Abrasives B.V. is located in the Northern part of Holland and focuses on supplying high quality blasting media to companies all over the world.

Airblast-Abrasives B.V. has its own production facility where high carbon steel shot and steel grit are manufactured. To produce this high quality abrasive, the facility is using the latest production technologies, where special attention is being paid to the selection of the scrap. During and after the production stage, the material is extensively analyzed and documented.

The high carbon steel abrasives are of excellent quality as compared to known suppliers and are available in all common hardness and grain sizes. Our prices are sharp and not influenced by any scrap or energy surcharges.

Our scope of supply is completed by the common metallic and non-metallic blasting media such as; aluminum oxide, glass beads, coal slag, garnet, and more. We can supply all material quickly from our distribution center in the Netherlands, where we have a significant amount of stock available for our customers.

For more information, please visit our website or learn more about the production process at our facility in the video below:


We are pleased to answer any further questions or inquiries you have.

Best regards,

Johan Brink - General Manager
Tel.: +31 (0)6 8344 0234        
Arian Smal - Sales & Marketing Manager
Tel.: +31 (0)6 1074 9867

Xia Robbers - Administration Manager
Tel.: +31 (0)72 57 15569


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