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Dust free vacuum blasting

The Airblast dust free blasters provide an environmentally friendly blasting solution which is easy to use, versatile and powerful.

The use of steel abrasive provides cost effective, efficient and powerful  blasting as well as close control of the surface  preparation. Easily inter-changeable blast head fittings allow a variety of surfaces to be blasted including: flat, inside  and outside corners, small & large diameter pipes etc. Additional accessories are available for specific applications such  as to blast large horizontal surfaces or the edges of steel plates.

As the process is safe and dust free other production processes can be carried out close to the blasting operation.

AB1020 Vacuum Blast Machine

AB1030 Vacuum Blast Machine

AB1050 Vacuum Blast Machine

AB1060 Vacuum Blast Machine

AB1070 Vacuum Blast Machine


For application movies please visit the Airblast YouTube Channel.


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Demanding circumstances require specialist equipment. The Airblast ranges of dust free environmentally friendly blasting equipment offer increased performance, operator safety, and reduced operational costs.

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