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Wet Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Although water is not traditionally associated with blast cleaning it can provide many benefits. The first most obvious advantage is dust control. Water can be used to trap the dust created during the blasting process giving environmental benefits as well as ensuring personnel and equipment near the blasting site are not exposed to the dust.
Another advantage of introducing water is to provide an additional cleaning agent which can  reduce the presence of chlorides and salts on the blasted surface. Water also has a lubricating effect minimizing wear on the internal components of the blast equipment reducing the expenditure in maintenance.
The Airblast range of Wet Abrasive Blasting Equipment was developed in response to environmental legislation as well as customer demands for equipment to blast without dust in specific applications such as refineries, engine rooms, etc. Whatever the application Airblast has an Aqua dust free solution to fit your requirement.

Aquastorm Wet Abrasive Blasting System


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