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Blast machines

Airblast has a comprehensive range of open blasting machines available as either stand alone units or as complete systems. Each blast pot is manufactured to be fit for purpose and is supplied with region specific certification.

All machines are designed to be used with a wide range of accessories including an extensive choice of nozzles, wet blast attachments, and internal pipe cleaning devices. Numerous metering valve options are available depending upon the application including Micro Valve, Flat Sand Valve, Steel Grit Valve, and Thompson Valve.

A wide range of high production single or double chamber and multiple outlet machines are available, manufactured to cover all possible requirements of the industry. All equipment is designed to facilitate fast filling, unrestricted airflow, as well as easy access for inspection and maintenance. The portable range from 17 liters to 300 liters offers high quality construction, security and performance.

Blast Machines - Blue

Blast Machines - Red


Bulk Blasting Systems

Airblast Bulk Blasting Systems are designed to supply up to eight blasters operating independently bulk blast systems are designed to be easily transported being supplied as either skid mount or on a yard trailer. As each blaster operates independently down time is minimized and production optimized.

Airblast Bulk Blasting Systems are designed for large scale blasting jobs and can be used with the wide range of accessories including a wide choice of nozzles.

Bulk Blasters

AMB Mini blaster

There is always a need for sandblasting small areas in a simple way. A unique solution to this is the Airblast Mini Blaster. The AMB is economical and has been taken into daily use by professional sandblasting companies, shipping companies and offshore industries worldwide.

The AMB has the following advantages:

  • Low air consumption - no need for a large and expensive air compressor.
  • An air pressure regulator sandblast all surfaces: steel, aluminium, wood, plastic, glass, etc.
  • In aluminium construction - light weight and robust.

The AMB can easily be operated by one person and can be filled with abrasive without use of tools. Blasting is simple due to the abrasive flow regulator and deadman switch mounted at the nozzle. The AMB is CE-approved and is in accordance with safety regulations.

The AMB removes corrosion and cleans metal in a rapid, easy and professional way. The unit is especially useful for cleaning of welding seams, removal of slag and old paints.

                     AMB-13                                  AMB-28

AMB Airblast Mini Blaster


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